Miss Jen

Miss Jen’s a teacher's teacher.  She knows how to connect with her students and instill in them a solid dance foundation.  Her Sociology degree from USC has taught her how to motivate and guide young dancers. Jen grew up dancing long hours, studying with such talented dancers as Gregg Russell, Paige Porter, Keith Clifton, and Rhonda Miller, to name a few.  Her excellent work ethic and bright talent led her to a leading role in the professional tap company, Tapsounds Underground.  She toured with the company performing in shows, benefits, tap festivals, pageants and more.  She was not only a highlight of many of their tap pieces, but she also contributed with her diverse and creative choreography.  In fact, her choreography has won her numerous top awards at regional and national competitions, as well as pageants.  Her creative talent knows no bounds and earned her a place as an assistant director on a Carvel television commercial.  Jen works hard outside the studio as well where her twins keep her on her toes, literally.  Her role as a mom has served to solidify her already nurturing nature as a caring teacher who demands excellence in her students, as well as helping to etch a love of dance into their hearts.